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Magic spells, laser cannons, whooshes, 

guns shots, explosions, background

ambience, and hard effects are just some 

of the sound effects I can create to improve your project and experience.  


I compose in every style and genre imaginable including orchestral, jazz, pop, EDM, mariachi, country, children's entertainment, horror, dramatic and any crazy awesome ideas we can come up with!



Dialogue, monster roars, zombie wonderers, alien protagonists, and whatever you need for your story and world. I'll find the best voice talent to satisfy your needs, and handle every aspect from start to finish. 



I specialize in implementing audio into any game engine including Unreal, Unity, and Game Maker to name a few, using audio middleware called Wwise. I'm also a game developer myself!


Having immediately recognizable audio logos for your logos, products or company is essential for creating a brand identity your customers and fans will remember for years to come! 

My services and rates are flexible enough to work with any team size, budgets, and needs



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Thomas Glazebrook

Co-founder of Adrenasoft Studios

"Douglas was able to provide us an even better song for what we were envisioning (even when we weren't too sure ourselves). He was professional and always made us feel comfortable when communicating with him, working closely with us to make sure we were happy. Highly recommend!"

Traevon Taylor

Video Game Designer

"Working with Douglas was a great experience. He created various sounds effects and 2 tracks that I will be using for an upcoming commercial video game project. His communication skills are great and he will keep you updated throughout the process which is good in the internet era."

M.A. DuVernet

Author & Theater Director

"Doug is a true professional! He is very interested in creating the music that best suits a client's needs. He has done an amazing job on writing the musical score for a new musical. Music that I cannot wait for others to hear. His sense of tempo and drama and genre are right to the specs I had outlined. There is a certain magic when the notes and lyrics appear on the page and you hear the result. It's wonderful!"

Tiffany Park

3D Animator, Visual Commercial Merchandising

"Doug is a talented composer, who is approachable, committed, and quick to respond."


Have any questions? Always feel free to reach out!

Douglas Bartolme 

Composer & Sound Designer


Greater Los Angeles Area


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